Northern Virginia, Dog Four Major Training Methods

If you’re struggling to train your dog then you may want to consider dog obedience training northern virginia. Dog training is complex, which is why professional dog trainers use various techniques and strategies that apply to your dog’s unique behavior. Some pet owners are willing to train their dogs themselves perhaps to save money or to spend more quality time with their pets. Nevertheless, it still works. If you’re thinking about training your dog at home, it helps to be familiar with the most popular dog training methods.

When you do your research, the overwhelming pieces of information you’ll find can leave you confused and frustrated. Especially when you join forums and read different opposing views. Some methods may overlap while others may contradict. It’s important to get to know your dog and your dog’s needs so you can find the best methods that work. Let’s check out the most famous dog training methods people are using today.

#1 Positive Reinforcement

Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz popularized this dog training method. The concept behind positive reinforcement is pretty direct. When a dog is behaving badly he will not be rewarded but if he shows good behavior, a reward will be ready for him. The correction of bad behavior comes in the form of taking away rewards. In this training, you won’t need physical punishments and reprimands. The training starts by rewarding your dog immediately after he performs the desired behavior. In this way, your dog will be able to understand that the behavior was good and associate it with rewards. Some trainers choose to combine positive reinforcement with clicker training. The clicker training lets your dog know if the behavior is achieved.

It’s also important to make your commands precise and direct to the point like STAY, SIT and COME. Don’t use sentences and phrases as commands because remember, you are dealing with dogs and not humans. The key to success is consistency. This training will only be successful if you are consistent with it. Therefore, inform everyone in your household about the positive reinforcement training and how it’s done.

We recommend you consistently give rewards when your dog behaves properly and then slowly shift to intermittent rewards when your dog is becoming consistent in showing good behavior.

#2 Scientific Training

There is no concrete definition of scientific dog training because the methods are continually evolving as new research crops up. Nevertheless, this form of training strives to understand the nature of your dog and your dog’s ability to respond to training. Every year, a new study and experiment surface about dog psychology. Dog trainers depend heavily on these scientific studies when working with dogs. Whenever a behavior is successfully corrected, they will study the methods used to achieve that.

#3 Electronic Training

Electronic training uses an electric collar placed around your dog’s neck. It provides an abrupt shock when your dog isn’t behaving properly. This is usually the training used when there isn’t a leash available. It is helpful because it will let your dog know the importance of staying within the set boundaries in an open space. Unfortunately, a lot of dog trainers do not agree to this form of dog behavior method because it adds stress to your dog leading to long-term anxiety problems. However, there are also professional dog trainers who say this form of training has helped correct dogs’ undesirable behaviors. If you ever plan to use this method, make sure you consult with a professional dog trainer.


These strategies can be used alone or in combination with other methods. Before you choose a method of dog training, make sure you spend time understanding your dog’s behavior so you can utilize the strategies that will work effectively for your dog.

Nick White is the owner of Off Leash K9 Training. He has over 80 dog training franchise locations throughout the United States. He currently hosts the A&E show, America's Top Dog.

By Nick White

Nick White is the owner of Off Leash K9 Training. He has over 80 dog training franchise locations throughout the United States. He currently hosts the A&E show, America's Top Dog.